Friday, September 4, 2009

Cloth Diaper Thursday (belated)

Hello all.... I am really behind on posting but Thursday seems to be only motivation to write. So here goes...

Cloth Diaper: Lesson 3 - Learning the difference
(Above in the xs sposoeasy)

The brand of disposable I use with Erin has a little strip on it to tell you when the diaper is wet. Convenient, yes. But why? Mostly because when you feel the disposable you can't really and truly tell if it is all that wet. Usually it is, but it doesn't feel that much different after one urination than it does 3. So the strip definitely helps.

So what happens when you have a cloth diaper on? How was I supposed to know when to change her? Let me reassure you there is NO GUESS work when it comes to cloth. That's right. No magical color changing strip needed. Where the disposable soak up and wick all the moisture away from baby, the cloth diaper soak, but do not wick. In other words, when that diaper is wet, there is a big wet cotton rag to show for it. Touch the diaper and you will know. Time for a changing.

And really it isn't that bad. I was scared of laundry more than anything, but it hasn't been a big deal. We aren't full-time cloth diaperers yet... so I could be speaking out of turn. Only thing that makes me anxious is running out before the laundry finishes. If we stick with cloth-diapering - the non-newborn stash will need to be a little larger.

Other than that, we are battling the bulge. Daddy (nor I) are a huge fan of the big-booty baby. Though, She is still stinkin' cute no matter what!

Happy Labor Day weekend!