Thursday, September 17, 2009

I gotta Dolla', I gotta Dolla' hey hey hey hey!

Cloth Diaper Thursday...

Sorry about not posting last week. It is really difficult to get to the keyboard when your child wants to be held. Of course - baby wins every time, so she gets loved all over and the computer sits idle. What can you do?

Anywho -

Lesson #3 - Frugality

We are now part time cloth diapering. Using disposables only when out and about and when the other diapers are in the wash. And because we are out-and-about kind of people, we are still going through disposables pretty quickly... so we have had to purchase diapers from the store.

Disposable diapers = expensive! Lord have mercy. I knew when research cloth diapers that everyone said they are so much cheaper, blah blah blah. But the up front cost was such and undertaking that I began to second guess the investment.

Not anymore. Both Hubs and I have had a little sticker shock when having to buy the few diaper packages to get us through our family outings. Hubs said it best after the last purchase. " I think until she was actually here, there is no way I could have imagined how many diaper changes we would do in one day. I mean, I wouldn't want to sit around in all that - so I feel like she should be changed as soon as she's wet/dirty."

I can absolutely tell how much we are saving by using the cloth at home. It really is not that inconvenient at all. I put them into the diaper bag just like putting them into the trash can. Wash every other day. No biggie. But BIG SAVINGS.

May be investing in some Grobaby diapers to try. Erin got a little birthday money I can use for her non-newborn upgrades. I want to see if I like them so we can decide what to purchase for the one-size diapers (becuase I am still too frugal to buy every time we need a new size :)

(Will review the diapers we currently have next week).

Oh yeah! Happy One Month Birthday Baby Girl!

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Whit said...

HEY FRIEND!!! Congrats on being a MOM!!! So sorry I have been out of the loop and your life- I just think your daughter is the most precious baby ever. Are you just loving her? I can't wait to hear more about this transition into motherhood! I can't imagine how great you are at it girl-
sending you and Erin much, much love from the DR-