Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back in the saddle!

Before I found out I was expecting... I was all about some knitting. It was winter and what better time of year to play with warm, fuzzy yarn?

Well - my coworkers forbid me from knitting while pregnant because everytime one of us attempted to learn to knit something for their unborn child, the child would decide to arrive early.

So I packed away the knitting needles and started sewing. Not a bad exchange truly.

But now I am getting back in the saddle and trying to knit something up for the little one. Got a few rows started on our trip to Atlanta last weekend. Can't WAIT to see it come together!

It will be the grape version of the knit top I posted here and here. Wish me luck - and send some free time for me to borrow while your at it :)


Dana said...

I am loving the purple yarn!

On a related note, I found out from outher NICU mom's that we all ate Arby's right before giving birth. So heads up for the next one. No knitting and no Arby's.

christy said...

loving the purple yarn!