Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting Loopy...

I started a new knitting project that I have been dyin' to try. Thankfully I got it going before our departure tomorrow. That's right - the DINKS are going to Disney! I am so excited for this weekend getaway.

Hopefully by the time we get back, this:

Will look much more like the first of this ADORBALE "Fruit Loop" series pattern from Pixie Purls.

Strawberry / Watermelon, Grape, & Pineapple

I can't wait to see if it turns out! If so, I'll have to find a little girl to send it to :)
(Jess, I'll let you know if you should be expecting something in the mail!)


Anonymous said...

super super cute

jennifer said...

I'm going to need some of whatever you take to be super wife and humanitarian. We're lucky here if we get dinner! i miss you!