Thursday, October 2, 2008

Calling all Georgians...

If you live in Georgia and you do any of the following:

  • Drive
  • Play sports
  • Have children
  • Possess firearms
  • Have a job
  • Do yardwork
  • Love your family
  • Breathe

Then you should visit Georgia Its About Time and sign the e-petition. The Trauma Centers in Georgia are WAY underfunded for the services they provide. Our legislators failed to appropriate adequate funds for Trauma Services last year. Why? BECUASE THEY DIDN'T HEAR FROM THEIR CONSTITUENTS! There is no substitute for expert, timely healthcare in an emergency situation. Lack of funding jeopordizes our access to this type of care. Just sign it... you don't have to sign up for e-mail alerts, or to volunteer, or do anything else - as long as our congresspersons know that we value quality emergency care.

Otherwise - wear a helmet while driving, and dress in bubble wrap. Seriously.

You Non-Georgians out there - pass this on to any friends/family in Georgia - AND check out your Trauma Center situation. Make sure you're emergency care is being supported by your state government.

I leave you with some facts:

  1. Georgia’s trauma death rate is significantly higher than the national average. If Georgia’s trauma death rate improved to the national average, it would mean a difference of as many as 700 more lives saved every year.

  2. Millions of Georgians live and work at least two hours away from trauma care. Of the estimated 40,000 cases of major trauma each year in Georgia, only about 10,000 are treated in one of the fifteen designated trauma centers.

  3. Today, there are four less hospitals in Georgia with a trauma designation then in 2002.


Anonymous said...

You SO won those tickets I wanted! We are going tomorrow. Happy Thrifting!

theclaxtonfamily said...

Thank you for posting this... I went and signed the e-petition.