Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I got tagged by Christy for my first blog questionnaire. So here it goes... Seven Random things about me...

1) I have an unabashed love of Orange Slice candy. The cheap kind in the gas station/pharmacy.
2) I only shower every other day. (You can “Ewww” all you want – but my skin would flake off if I made it a daily endeavor.)
3) I can sleep without messing up the covers. Just fold the sheets back when done!
4) I am the oldest – but the shortest of 3. Affectionately referred to as “Li’l Big Sis”
5) I could eat butter beans and boiled peanuts for every meal.
6) There is a devil cow toy on my desk right now. Why it landed in my office, I will NEVER know.
7) The first time Hubs and I met I was wearing PJs. Glamorous.

And so now the rules dictate that I tag 7 other people by leaving a comment on their blog. I am so new to this - it may be the first time I post comments on blogs that I am starting to follow.

Here's to becoming connected in the blogosphere.... Pixie, Joy, Jill, CeCe, Sara, Knit and Tonic, KwarterLife.... hopefully they will be game!


Cece said...

Yum. Orange slice candy....

I may even do this tag - I'm low on blog fodder! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I second #5.