Friday, October 23, 2009

Cloth Diaper Thursday (belated)

Cloth Diaper Lesson #8 - Putting your big girl panties on...

This week marked the first time I let our disposable stash run completely out. Thought I was gonna be ok with it... but I panicked when it came time for bed.

When I read other people's sites it's all "we use a BumGenius with lined with two doubles and a hand towel for night time." (May be a little exaggerated. Maybe not ) And I'm all... OMG how can a baby sleep with all the bulk in there? There's no way.. maybe I should just run to the store.

In my moment of being overwhelmed... I decided what the hey... Cowgirl up lady and put your big girl panties on. We can do this!

And we did. With one grobaby diaper and the little thin doubler that is provided with the packed. She survived, I survived, her clothes and bed survived. And she slept from 9:30 to 4 so I can't complain. Everyone came out on the other side just fine. We've even used the cloth out-and-about. Not too bad, but with the gdiaper system I'm using, if the liner gets messy it increases change time. Not a big deal at home, but kind of a big deal on the go. (However I do love how trim this option is!)

So today we purchase some sposoeasy diapers in preparation for going back to work and daycare... and honestly because I only have enough diaper to last through one day and the night. Interpretation: I am washing diapers every morning. It's not bad right now, but I can see it getting bothersome here in the next two weeks. And it takes a toll on the diapers themselves, though in general they are holding up beautifully.

Happy Thursday/Friday/Weekend!

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