Thursday, October 15, 2009

CLoth Diaper Thursday

Lesson #8 - The Scoop on Poop

This week I got super motivated after the whole jackpot thing and got ready to get cloth diaper dedicated. But instead decided to try the hybrid GDiaper system. I got the starter kit (which comes with 10 disposables and 2 covers) but instead of the disposable - put my small, GreenMountainDiaper prefolds inside. LOVE. I think... verdict is still out, but I have been using it all week and am very happy... more on this next week.

The scoop on poop is - I was having MAJOR blow outs with the disposables over the last two weeks. Since starting to use the cloth this issue has pretty much dissolved itself. yeah for that.

Also, the idea of washing poop was a bit unnerving. Truth be told - if you think you are never going to wash something with baby poopy on it..... you are kidding yourself.

Baby stuff can get on any and everything. You learn as you go. So really, you get used to throwing that stuff in the wash. Well - we haven't experienced anything besides breastfed poopy yet, so there may be another poop river bridge to cross before it's all over with.

Find out when we get there.

So the scoop on poop is - it's nasty, but it all comes out in the wash - no matter what its on. And the cloth diapering adventure continues.

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