Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The other Jackpot...

Since Granny passed away the family has slowly been going through her things. In particular a PILE of quilts she crafted throughout the years. Eleven in all. All the grandchildren and great-grandchildren had at least one already, with the exception of Erin. So Sunday she got to pick out her very own Granny quilt! She just so happened to pick out the beautiful, scrappy quilt on the left (which coincidentally, I love as well). She also picked out the fun, crochet daisy afghan (which coincidentally, I love also). Then we drew numbers for the remaining quilt stash and ended up with a beautiful fall inspired one and an orangish one which is out for Halloween right now.
We hit the JACKPOT. We love them all!

Each family member adores the one they received. And during all of this, I got to thinking. Erin wasn't fortunate enough to meet Granny here on Earth. So the only way she will know Granny is through the stories we tell her and the warm, cuddly quilt that she will wrap up with as she grows up. Granny's craft will tell our children as much about their great-grandmother as we will. The time she took to make beautiful pieces of art will let them know how careful she was and it's warmth will cover them love Granny had for all of her family.

And I got inspired. I want my family to value my creations as much as we value Granny's. As my family continues to grow, I want there to be something that I have that they can cherish just as much as memories.

So I am getting on the quilting wagon again. My first one will be a small, Halloween endeavor that will hopefully get me back in practice. This is my mom's FAVORITE holiday to decorate for, so this one will go to her. It won't be big enough to cover up with, just something to throw over a chair for the month of October.
But a Christmas/Winter quilt will not be far behind and I am SO excited!

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