Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cloth Diaper Thursday

Lesson # 6: The Difference

Disposables are convenient. Good on the Go. Good at home.
Cloth Diapers are less convenient - but not as inconvenient as expected. Truly. (Still only using them at home for now).

Disposables hit your wallet every week or so.
Cloth Diapers hit your wallet once. Unless you are a sucker for cute designs.

Disposables caused my little one some diaper rash.
Cloth Diapers have little to no diaper rash after she wears them.

Disposables have blow outs.
Cloth Diapers have yet to fail on me. Knock on wood.

Disposables are slimmer, yet synthetic.
Cloth Diapers are fatter, yet softer and breathable.

If disposables run out you must run to the store.
If cloth diapers run out you must start the wash.

I am learning the pros and cons. Still weighing them. But I really prefer cloth diapering at home. Didn't really go into this expecting to. But pleasantly surprised.

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