Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cloth Diaper Thursday...

Lesson #7: Trials and Tribulations

First off the trials. Remember I told you I got one GroBaby and one BumGenius? Well during my pre-cloth diapering research I had totally fallen in love with the idea of the GroBaby. It just seemed like it married all the great things about cloth diapers into one system. Totally up my alley as far as convenience and bang-for-your-buck.

However, I am amazed to report that I do love the BumGenius more ... for one reason. Drying time. O.M.G. the GroBaby takes FO-EVA to dry. I'm not all about waiting on that.

Also - I tried the sun-bleaching thing on the diapers. A few forums listed that the sun would bleach out any poopie stains left on the cloth. Why not give it a try - it's a natural, free, unlimited stain fighter, right? RIGHT! Totally bleached out the poopie in like, 20 minutes. MAGIC I TELL YOU. I am going to put out some poop stained clothes and see if it works on those too!

Tribulations: To get down to the nitty gritty of the issue - Now that it's time to go up in size, and I have chosen a new diapering system........... I have yet to actually purchase said diapering system. Is this making me a failure? Each trip to the store the get disposables makes me feel guilty. I KNOW I can be successful at cloth diapering. Easy- Breezy. But alas, I am flunking out of CD school with flying colors.

I CAN DO THIS. I Will purchase the new system. IT WILL SAVE US MONEY in the long run. I just have to choke over the money up front instead of in $20 increments. It is a draw-back to the whole thing. Ugh. One box disposable = approx 1 cloth diaper. Literally feel like I'm throwing money in the trash can with each dirty disposbale. Ugh. Loser.

Like I said, Trials and Tribulations.

Happy Baby though (even if she does look really confused as to why daddy has this big camera all up in her grill.. and mommy thinks its fabulous).

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