Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cloth Diaper Thursday

Lesson # 10: He's a good sport...

Getting baby-daddy (aka hubs) to agree to let me try cloth diapering was a non-issue. He was totally up for me taking on the endeavor.... a good sport really.

And he continues to be a good sport... even though I don't think he will ever be a believer. We are now only using disposables at night (and sometimes on the go - but I made wet bag so not so much anymore). The other night baby-daddy was talking to Erin at the changing table and the conversation went like this:
"Oh, mommy doesn't have any disposables out for daddy to use. She's gonna make me use this big ol' fat thing on your little hiney.... (Erin smiles) yep that's right, mommy doesn't leave the other diapers out for daddy.... no she doesn't."

Which made me realize 2 things. 1) Daddy wasn't really comfortable with the whole cloth diapering thing to begin with - so maybe support doesn't = success after all. And 2) Things would be easier on him maybe did a diapering lesson - even though now that we are using the sposoeasy there is no lesson to be learned.

So the cloth diaper lesson for the week - was make it easy for your spouse. If they aren't totally on board- don't go with the crazy, foldy, needs a cover thing. Your best bet is gonna be an all-in-one diaper.

I want to be dedicated to this - but sometimes being parents is a compromise... and if keeping daddy involved in all aspects of child-rearing means disposables - at least we gave it a valiant effort. Things are definitely looking up since we switched... but only time will tell...

Thanks hubs/baby-daddy for being a good sport. And we are going to do this together. (Even if some of my ideas are a stretch. Hopefully making my own baby food will be as well tolerated :)

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Anonymous said...

You should definitely try to make your own baby food. There is no reason why you shouldn't!

Here are a couple resources for you:

One of my favorite cooking blogs features baby food recipes from time to time:

And just saw this article on Epicurious today: