Monday, November 2, 2009


We survived. All 3 Outta Shape Amigos completed his/her leg of the triathlon. Which actually ended up being a duathlon. Why? Because the lake water was too polluted with bird poop to swim in. Totally threw me off course since I had pumped myself up for the swim.

So instead I had to run a mile and then pass the time off to my sis for her 13 mile bike. All I can say is I finished the mile. You know how we were supposed to be on a training schedule for a 5k? Well that lasted about 2 weeks, and then life threw one evening off schedule and it was all downhill from there. So 1 mile without stopping 10 weeks after delivering a baby wasn't too shabby.

Sis and hubs did awesome. And we finished 2nd in the relay division out of 2 relay teams. Time = 1:37 to complete. The overall winner finished in 59 minutes. I mean, it's something to strive for. A long term goal if you will. But we finished and are very proud of it!

We survived, and we have a shirt and trophy to show for it. Our little lady bug even cheered us on. Even though she ended up with a minor sun burn to show for it. "Parents of the Year" I tell you.

Anywho - Hope you had a great Halloween! Happy Fall.


christy said...

awesome. it sounds like so much fun!

Kristen said...

um.... KB did not train... she just biked a couple of times lol