Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I wanna play...

Thrifty Decor Chick is hosting a "before and after Monday" and I totally want to play. But I missed this week, so I'll have to join in later. Reading everyone's entries has made me all organizey-rearragy-crafty-tingly inside. I must play! I already know what I want my first post to be... but finding the time to actually clean the room take a pic of the final nursery is not as easy as I would like. It will require getting some storage bins - which I have managed to put off and just pile the no-longer-fit-her baby clothes in the corner. Not so efficient, and definitely not a clutter-free way to start the new year.

Whatev. I'll get to it.

But today.... Today I survived the first day of day care. Seriously - she was fine. I was a mess. It was only a half day and I my heart ached all day.

I knew when we decided to have a baby that I would be a working mom. But now, there are just some days when I want to play too. Not drop her off to play with other people. It makes me jealous, and sad... and today we took it to a new level.

She seems to have enjoyed herself though. And made some new friends... well, ya know, as much a 4 month old can. Which makes me a little excited for her.... and did I mention jealous?

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