Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pictures for the birthday girl...

I can't believe we are approaching 6 months! Erin is changing so fast - now she is rolling over front to back, and back to front. She does it so often I'm surprised she hasn't made herself dizzy yet.

She can sit up one her own some and we've even stopped taking the car seat in to restaurants unless she's asleep. And she loves to kick her little legs down and stand up when you hold her on your lap. All cute - except for she started eating my hair - which makes me not so cute.

We had this great lady over in Beaufort, SC take our family pics to commemorate this little anniversary . Found out about her photography through SouthernMamas. You can check out our sneak-peak here.

If you are in this area, she was really kind and patient and creative. Check her out.

Oh yeah - and Erin loves menu's. She worked up an appetite after her photoshoot! See for yourself.

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