Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I Suck At...

1. Updating the blog on a consistent basis

2. Taking 365 pictures... maybe it will be more like 300. That's a good number right? I better get on this new year's resolution thing.

3. Waking up on time... the thing is, I put the baby in the bed with us after she takes her morning feeding (between 5 and 6).... and really, who wants to get out of bed when you can snuggle with the tiniest, squishiest little lovebug ever! So what if the alarm is set for 5:15. I like to round up.

4. Keeping the dog from eating my (and only my) stuff. Really Allie?!

5. Finishing projects (more on this later).

6. Making dinner decisions. Even though I must say, an impromptu dinner at the Caraba's pizza bar will totally make you think you're the best dinner-decision-maker EVER!

7. Saying no to Sit-coms. Is anyone else watching Modern Family - because it is coming in a close second to Big Band Theory right now. BaZINGA!

8. Doing dishes. If it doesn't fit in the dishwasher, it may or may not be 1-3 days before I finally do more than just rinse it off.

9. Cloth diapering. I totally want to buy some more cloth diapers. But I totally don't want to spend the upfront money right now. My intentions are there - and I think we are gonna go with some Gdiapers this time.

10. Being a mom. OMG people. The little booger started rolling over, with some assistance I might add. Well - yesterday she decided to be an over-acheiver (daddy's little girl) and did on her own. While I was sitting beside her on the couch. And looked up to see the TV. And she FELL, onto the hard wood floor, on her head.

I thought I was going to die. She was crying. I was trying to console her. Then she started to projectile vomit (she had just eaten) and I'm all OMG I am the worst mom ever and promptly melted down with her. Called everyone I could. Hubs is reassuring me that she's fine. But really - I don't know that. Did he really know that? How could any one?

So I had her seen by one of the ER docs. She really is fine. Played with me all afternoon. And to top it all off - she had just seen her pediatrician who confirmed that she has a sinus infection and she's on antibiotic that she hates. Momma and Baby can't catch a break.

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