Friday, April 30, 2010

She's so fly...

Or at least I'm tweeting now. Maybe I'll take off, maybe not. But I'm gonna try.

You can follow me.

Kind of excited about it really. In my new HR-ish role I decided to become involved in the social media ventures for my company. What better way for me to learn than to dive right in... right?


Some myths have already been debunked for me after my first meeting. I really was thinking of twitter as Facebook status-updates on steroids. You know, for those people that just need to know what everyone else is doing.

But really, its a conversation medium for topics you are interested in. Not just an outlet for updates. Ask a question and get some answers. Or get some feedback from outside sources. Or let people know what's up... because that's important. This was a good article on business twitter. I feel like I need to get to know the interface on a personal level before I go getting all professional on it.

So good luck me.

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