Monday, June 7, 2010


This week was full of Beginnings.... in all their happiness and bittersweet-ness.

First - a friend very near and dear to my heart became a wife. How wonderful to watch her start a new journey with a perfect partner-in-crime. There were long-lost-touch friends a-plenty in the room as we sat together for the first time in quite a while to witness our friends marriage. Bittersweet to be with people who, only 3 short years ago, you saw practically once a day. And somewhere in between we became professionals, wives, mothers... who would have even imagined???

Not a single one of us. But, the happiness of knowing there is always a special place in our hearts for each other... and the happiness of watching our life journeys take shape - indescribable.
And then there are new beginnings that are such a challenge to wrap your head around that only time will tell what this new journey will have in store...
Another friend is moving. And when I say moving I don't mean across the town, or state, or country. I mean she's moving across the world. To Hong Kong, actually. The whole family. Its a venture that requires a courage that I don't know if I possess. Their journey there will last about 2 years. I don't think I have to describe how this one is bittersweet. I mean, honestly, Hong Kong. This friend is the one who has nurtured my need to craft in a way I can not begin to thank her for. Handing out quilting and knitting advice til I thought she would be sick of me by now. I know I would. But I am so happy for her guts, her bravery, and her willingness to follow the potential for growth in a new journey.

Cool Runnings Kim (center). (Yes I know that is a saying from the wrong culture - but the Disney Movie said it means "peace be the journey" and I like it.)

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