Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Why -

Does the dog refuse to sleep through the night? The kid does, but not the dog. Great.

Is it so dag-blame HOTT down heerrrr? I'm talking 100 with heat advisories. It is June. Fabulous.

Do I insist on adding crafts to my to do list?

Why does my craft room look like this!?? Ugh.
Why ....

Does the mall not have EXACTLY what I'm looking for? Honestly people. I just want a white top.

Am I in love with this party? There is a little girl who has a first birthday coming up!

Do I over-estimate by ability to get something like that done before August 17th?

Does coming home from vacation stress me out more than leaving for vacation?

Am I the luckiest girl on Earth?

Gosh dangit, I love those two! Happy Wednesday!

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