Friday, July 23, 2010

Out of my league...

First off- my apologies to the few of you who check this blog. Turns out when your child doesn't nap but once a day - you don't blog.

Also turns out - when decide to try P90x... you also do not blog. More on that later.

But yes, as to being "Out of my league" let me just say that most of you know I try to do (or make) lots of things myself. Sometimes to no avail - but I love all things hand/home made. So I at least try.

So we are planning Erin's 1st birthday. And sadly I have not chosen to go with the ADORABLE "Pin Wheels and Pearls" theme because I couldn't do a brunch. Long story - but really people, that dainty theme screams brunch and I am just not feeling it.

Mommy and Daddy are feeling that pizza will be fun and keep us from having to scrub our house twice easy for all... which is what Erin's party will be. Her first "Bee-day" that is. OMG I have found the cutest stuff for a bee-themed birthday party and am so pumped.

So what am I making - a party dress and maybe the cupcakes and smash cake. And I say maybe only now that I have come across this photo. One of my first attempts at baking and piping icing.
Holy MOLEY! That puts a damper on my homemade spirit. Have no fear though - I have a friend who used to work in the bakery at Food Lion - and she has graciously offered to teach me a couple a basic techniques. It's all in the taste anyway, right?

So what if I can't pipe "Happy Birthday to the Sweetest Honey Bee to Ever Walk this Earth!" on her first birthday cake. I think she'll be happy with an "E" or a "1" as she smashes it into her face.

I may be out of my league, but I will not be defeated! (Take that photo I forgot I had even taken til a couple of hours ago).

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Kim said...

Can't wait to see the final results. You know I love homemade, but I have always S*^KED at the baking and decorating. I'll stick to sewing, crafting, and ordering baked goods.