Monday, July 26, 2010


"I hate it... but I love it." - Tony Horton

For some crazy reason - the hubs, my brother, I all got on this rant that we wanted to try P90x. I listen to Kidd Kraddick (shout out) and got curious when one of the radio personalities was talking about his success with the program.

So after gawking at his unbelievable transformation (he's the guy in the top ad) we got all excited and found someone who would let us borrow the DVDs and guide books. (Be real people, I am too frugal to let hubs order that before we try it).

And I am happy to say we just completed Week 3.

We are super motivated because my brother shows up every night to keep us on track. Honestly - we would probably have sat on the couch at least one or two nights had we not had his back-up accountability.

How do we do it with a baby? After she goes to bed sometime between 7 and 8. It makes for a long day - but so far its been worth it.

And it is saving us money because even though we aren't following the meal-plan, we have significantly changed our diets (eating out habits) to follow more closely with the suggested diet.

I am not posting pics to prevent from jinxing us. It is also the reason I have not posted at all - the precious down time we have at night is now spent winding down on the couch.

Woo-hoo! Hope you understand. Only 76 days to go - and I'll try to work in a couple posts here and there.


Jen said...

You are awesome! Huge congrats on starting P90X and sticking with it. I think exercise is so much more fun when you have someone to do it with you! Great that you guys are keeping each other accountable.

I think you should post a picture at the end :)

Kim said...

Definitely need some before and after pics! Glad to hear you've made it so far. Can't say the same for myself!