Saturday, September 11, 2010

When I feel useless...

I make things.

A dear, family friend of ours passed away recently. To say the least we were unexpectedly overwhelmed with grief and, eventually, good memories.

I visited with the family several times and offered to bring by food, run errands, help with pictures... you know, all those things one would do for a grieving family.

But there was more food than you could shake a stick at - so offering meals wasn't necessary. Because of the nature of the passing - errands have been easy to take care of.

So what now!? I feel so useless and need a way to express my respect, love, and gratitude for a man helped raise me.

So I craft. But it has meaning, this one. This man LOVED to wear Hawaiian shirts. It was kinda of his trade mark as of late. I mean, the family asked that men wear Hawaiian shirts to the visitation in memory of him. So I used the tutorial from here to make corsages... out of a Hawaiian shirt... to accessories our funeral attire.

No one may be interested in wearing them. But my heart is now full. And I will proudly wear this somewhat symbolic token of my appreciation very close to my heart.


LBR said...

that is so sweet. sorry for your loss Lauren!

Kim said...

what a wonderful way to share your love (and his) with the family. Good to see your crafts!