Saturday, August 28, 2010


Sometimes you just need a do-over. Like when you learn a new technique and want to apply it to something you already have.

Or, like when your dog eats something you've made and you are forced into a Do-Over.

I finished the quilt in this post during my pregnancy. And in a show of what I can only hope was affection, da pup ate the stupid thing. Regardless, the flannel borders didn't hold up like I'd imagined in my learning-to-quilt brain.

So when having to painstakingly take it apart (and by painstakingly - I mean I will throw it away before taking that route again) I did some research and learned some t-shirt quilting tricks that proved helpful.

I've been working on it little bits at a time for a few months now. This weekend I decided to take control and git-r-done. I am really loving it so much more than the original.

And this is me jumping for joy that I can finally cross this Do-Over off my To-Do list. And just in time for football season! I am off to curl up under it and join hubs on the couch... and dream about good friends, tailgates, and Go Dawgs!

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go dawgs!