Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Adventures in Sugarbritches Land...

What does a typical Sunday afternoon look like at my house?

There is no "typical" - but I can assure you that it is ALWAYS something different. My Hubs is the king of "I know a Guy" and this weekend he knew a guy that had a Heat C (I think) Pressure washer.

So, that truck I am supposed to be working on with him... yeah.... its all in pieces and the chassis is getting pressure washed and then taken to the sandblaster in prep for paint. I am looking forward to finding my place in the reassembly phase. My need to be helpful and organize would only result in left side parts going on the right side later.

So deconstruction isn't my thing. Whatev. I'll catch it on the flip side!

Then is was off to family pics with my dad's entire side of the family. We hadn't done that in 20 years - so needless to say I wanted a replacement pic where I had all my teeth. LOVE my photographer and can't wait to get these priceless photos in hand!

Blowing Kisses your way! Have a fabulous day!

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