Sunday, October 31, 2010

Meet the....


We took our little pumpkin out for her first trick-or-treat adventure. We went to see some friends, then over to Hub's sister's house (she lives in a neighborhood - we do not if you haven't figured that out yet), and visited two of her neighbors. It was just enough for everyone to enjoy the evening.

She wanted to take everything out of the bowl - not to put her in awesome bag that I made her - but really just to take it out and put it on the ground. She likes to do that.

And then she was rewarded for being a good sport. Her first sucker! It was everywhere. The outfit is non-salvage-able and she had a giant meltdown when we took it from her (give me a break, she didn't eat a very good dinner). However, we did capture this great pic of Pebbles and Fred during the festivities!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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st.pete computing said...

You guys looks a perfect Flinstone family..Happy Halloween to you...