Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Going Places...

We spent a great weekend with my family in ATL. Well-It did include some manual labor, but such is life in my family.

My cousin moved from CA to GA... with twin 4 month olds. God Bless Her. So of course the troops activated to try and help them get settled as quickly as possible. And Erin LOVED the babies - she wasn't a lot of help - but she LOVED the babies.

And - in an effort to have a non-ordinary weekend - we took the opportunity to stay in ATL and take Erin to see the Georgia Aquarium. It was so great to experience through her. I never really understood why our parents took us around to different attractions only to stand in line for glimpses of enjoyment. But now, I totally get it. That light. That smile. That amazement. It Fills. You. Up!

Aaaaah. Wonder and Pure Emotion. It was super kid-friendly but interesting enough for adults. Or maybe its just that that stars aligned, and on my first official attraction experience as a parent the child was in a good mood and the crowds were small and a long car ride is perfect for napping.

In other news - I am considering pursuing my MBA. I don't know if the whole momentum of the weekend just carried me through Monday or what. But here I am. This school offers a professor/virtual 16-month Professional MBA program through a local satellite campus. It is a great opportunity, and convenient, and intimidating. The hubs was completed the program 3 years ago. I am finally eligible. There is only one child in the picture. It's every other weekend for 16 months. Its a big commitment. And I am no commitment-phobe but, Whoa.

I have this week to do my soul searching. No pressure.

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Anonymous said...

the aquarium sounds like fun. we haven't ever taken beatrice or whitaker. we have been to the dinky one in savannah! :) as for the mba, you go girl!!!