Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nesting with 2 weeks to go!

Remember I was promising this wonderful room redo update?

Well... the one room redo turned into a little more than I expected, ya know... while I'm expecting and all.

So my wonderful co-workers through me a surprise baby shower about 4 weeks ago. All these little blue outfits and toys found their way into the sunroom, still in the gift bags. I started feeling like, OMG, I really am going to be putting another person in this house. Warning Sign #1 for Hubs.

Then - all the WONDERFUL women in my family kept a little secret that they too were hosting a surprise shower for me and Walter the following Sunday night. I was so surprised and overwhelmed. But didn't ugly cry- please take note. And another round of baby blue made its way into my house. I started feeling like... OMG, I can't keep putting these items into the sunroom. We need to figure out the big girl room transition and nursery switch. Warning Sign #2 for Hubs.

Then the more I contemplated it (and watched my child attempt to scale several things in our house) Hubs and I agreed that we had a little bit of anxiety about leaving Erin upstairs by herself for now. Coupled with the minor freak out that I was feeling we hadn't made room for this child and I hadn't started a nest for him equal Warning Sign #3 for Hubs. So what does any logical couple expecting their second child in 4 weeks do?

REMODEL MORE ROOMS! Yup, that's right. The craft room is now a make-shift nursery. The lovely lavendar "big girl room" is now a master bedroom in-the-making, and the gender neutral nursery that was supposed to be for all of my children is now officially staying "Erin's room."

So with two weeks to go - what's the update? Two more closets to remodel. That's why I haven't posted to room update. Because naturally - it grew to epic proportions like everything else in our house.

We are happy to say little man is coming along great (and BIG). We have decided to wait and see if we can deliver him the old fashioned way, avoiding a c-section this time. This should be interesting. Wish us luck!

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