Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A little fever goes a long way...

Little man has a little fever, with some big implications.

Sunday started out with some fussin' and gruntin'. Not all that unusual since I still haven't quite figured out what I eat that upsets his tummy (gotta love breastfeeding). But, I decided to check his temperature since he was fussy the night before. One hundred point three. Call mom, aka ER nurse. "Should I take him in?" "Yeah, go ahead and see if you can get an appointment."

At 10 we are in the pediatricians office. At 10:30 he says, "Bloodwork looks great. Pretty sure it's viral." I'm thinking - GREAT, let's get some tylenol and go home. And then comes the big ole BUT. Turns out when a baby is under 2 months old and gets a fever, you get an admission to the Peds floor. "But, we have to admit them to the hospital for observation. So we are going to call over and you can go get checked in. Blood work. Chest x-Ray. Urine sample. Spinal.

Need I say... WORST 2 HOURS OF MY LIFE! Tears shed. Babies poked. Prayers sent. Now, He and I are hanging out here watching the IV pole and whatever we can scrounge up on the boob tube. For 48 hours. Yip.ee.

But better safe than sorry. So far everything has come back negative and perfect. Praise the Lord!

In other news, I have totally been MIA. My excuse? I had a baby 4 weeks before E's second birthday. Everytime he sleeps, if I am not napping with him I am trying to make party decorations. That pretty much means I've only gotten 1 birthday banner and some cup cake toppers made for a cook-out on Friday night. Good thing I didn't invite anyone but family so I don't have to worry too much about it. But, my DIY instincts are screaming for me to make, like, 12 extravagant decorations. I am fighting them. Can't say that I'll win every battle.

Anywho - when we are home again and he starts going to bed before me... I'll post some fun things. Until then - we'll laugh at Daddy.

I love my chunk!

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LBR said...

Yikes! I can't wait to see more pictures of him, hope you are loving life as a mom of TWO! I'm sure you're doing great!