Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Last Days of Summer

We FINALLY had a small cold front creep in to our neck of the woods today. I am so thankful the heat of the summer may be on its way out. But it made me realize what a fast, eventful summer we've had here at the Sugarbritches house. So we took a little weekend trip to celebrate our last days of summer.... and mourn my return to "working motherhood." That's right, this is my last week home with my babies. CRINGE!

A fun day on the water...
Little W.W. equally as excited to be out on the boat...

My little water babies taking a break from the sun and fun...

A little night cruise to end the day with E pushing the throttle full speed ahead. She only knows two speeds, fast and faster. Just like Hubs for the world!

Which leaves me and Wyatt holding on for dear life. (Yes. He is awake sometimes!)

Happy Summer's End to everyone. If I liked dealing with other kid's attitudes, I'd become a teacher just so I could feel like this every labor day. But I don't, so farewell Maternity Leave and Thanks for all the sweet loving I got to soak up this time around.

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