Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Love Fall

There is just something about fall that I absolutely love. Maybe it's because the southern summer is finally over. Maybe it's because I love fall colors. Maybe its because I love hokie little festivals with hay rides, bounce houses, and artisan crafts. Whatever it is... I hope my kids love it too.

To get them in the spirit I let them go pick out our pumpkin.

Two little ones. Erin picked out Wyatt's. Naturally. She's pretty much Queen Bee around here.

Wyatt mostly eyed the goods. Ya know... holding things down.

And after about 10 minutes of running around chasing one giant crocheted-flower-hat child, we found a pumpkin and loaded it up.

So Hubs and Erin did the honors. Wyatt and I decided to supervise and document the event. In fact, this was Hub's first pumpkin carving experience. Ever. They were both kinda excited, but not so sure about the actually texture of pumpkin goo. Allie (da pup) was still pretty sure she could get something to eat out of eat, so she stayed close by.
And when it was all over we lit up our little dirt road, buck-toothed pumpkin. I tried to get my little pumpkin carvers to take a photo, but one of them was really worried about the candles inside.

She kept taking the lid off and sticking her head in..making sure everything was still ok, and telling me"those are hot mommy, we can't touch." My little family enjoyed the heck out of our first pumpkin extravaganza. Erin even did her "so eeekcited dance."

Maybe this is why I love fall.

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