Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year - And last minute DIY craft disaster

Happy New Year all.

Where have I been? I don't even know to tell you the truth. I think I pass myself coming and going 90% of the time. Mostly I've been working, mommying, and crafting after the kids bedtime. Unfortunately I couldn't share any of the crafts until after Christmas. So my goal is for this blog to see more action in January. Only time will tell (in every sense of that phrase)...

For the last day of 2011 Sugarbritches land did some serious last-minute everything. Last minute Oyster ordering. Last minute text invites. Last minute cleaning. And in true Sugarbritches fashion - last minute crafting.

Once we decided to host a get-together for New Year's I realized I had no bling for the house. And I am being WAY too frugal right now to go buy decorations, so I picked up some inexpensive glitter at the store and decided to see what I could come up with.

My vision would have produced an epic piece of art. Instead, I got epic fail.

I have 3 large photo frames that I used to display fun, seasonal phrases.

I just started this (because I reclaimed the frames from another room in October). So first we had Trick-or-Treat. Then Joy. Then I really wanted to do Auld Lange Syne.

So Here's a terrible tutorial on last-minute glitter signs.

Print your desired phrase in very light ink using or whatever program you so choose. I recommend printing on cardstock. Just saying.

Gather your glue (I used mod podge because that's what I had on hand), paintbrush, and glitter.
Paint the glue into the letter shapes you conveniently printed off onto cardstock. Paint just outside the line to hide it under the glue.

Then make sure your kid stops screaming.

Add glitter. This is what you should end up with.

Then quickly replace the existing letters with your trimmed up masterpieces. And Voila.
A pathetic excuse for House Bling for the New Year.
Several lessons learned. I really want to do this again for Valentines Day (if I can keep E's hands out of the glitter - the amount of glitter that was on that child when we finally finished - unbelievable.

Next time I will use the cricut to make my words, then work with the glue and glitter for a cleaner finish. If that works better , I'll post a tutorial worth following.

Here's to a 2012 that is not as much of an epic fail.

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