Thursday, January 5, 2012

Give it a try - the little starter herbs that could

Now that Biggun (Wyatt) is eating food I have all of these little food cups sitting around. I really feel like a slacker mom this time because I put so much effort into making E's food it seems like Biggun is getting the short end of the stick.

I do make his food when I can, but it isn't as consistently as I did with E. C'est la vie.

So back to the little plastic cups. They were everywhere. Now that we have curb side recycling (hallelujah) they won't go into the landfill. But they are such a good size - there had to be another use.

So I decided to use baby food cups as little planters. It's winter in south Georgia - so it will be gone before you know it. And it will be fun for the kids to watch something grow and then use it in the kitchen.

In theory.

So - we gathered all of our materials. Some potting soil, seeds, and the baby food cups.

Let E assist in filling the cups. Disaster. But it's a learning experience , so the mess is part of the process.
Marked our cups so we would know which herb is in which cup. What a disaster it would be to grab the basil when you really wanted cilantro. Unthinkable, right?!
Watered them and set them out for a little sun time before I took them in to rest in the window until the cold passes by. I will be taking them out on the warmer weekends to get some unfiltered sun.

Good luck little seeds! You will need it in Sugarbritches land. If you don't get pulled out of the window and dumped into the dog bowl it will be a small miracle of sorts.

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