Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In a slump...

Obviously - it's been a while.

I'm in a slump. Potential Reasons:

1. I don't carry a camera every where I go - so I don't capture a lot of the stuff that is blog worthy.

2. I haven't been crafting much lately - but I am hoping to change that (Easter outfits abound!).

3. Sometimes I look at my house and think "Oh, I should clean that." And then I think "Oh, I should do that craft that I've been wanting to do so I can get it off the table." Next its "I haven't checked pinterest in a while to look for more crafts." And Finally its "oh yeah, people blog. I have one of those. I should do THAT!"

4. Then I don't do any of those, because Sometimes I fall asleep at 8:30 on the couch while Dora is exploring.

5. The working mom guilt is even stronger with 2 kids in the mix. I have vowed that my time home I will be completely present. There is no room for feeling guilty about not chornicaling my life here.

I think my hiatius is putting things in perspective. I'm ok with that. So - maybe I blog, maybe I don't - but I will do it for fun when the mood hits me.

If you read this little page - I'll be around. Sooner or later.

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