Monday, March 26, 2012

Work + Life + Health

Can a working mom be healthy?

And spend time with her kids?
And be a high performer at work?
And put dinner on the table?
And show devotion and love to her spouse?

I struggle with this more now with a family of 4 than I ever did as a family of 3.

With E, we would load up in the jogging stroller and go. The afternoons were no big deal. At least when she was younger. But now that she's 2 (going on 22), she doesn't want to ride in the stroller - in fact, I may have the only 2 year old who will be able to run a 5k by the time she's 3. She insists on "I push Wyatt, mom!" and "It's my turn to run!"

We've tried the bike riding thing. She made it halfway around the nearby neighborhood. So did Wyatt. So Hubs and I walked home, pushing a stroller loaded with a training-wheeled-bicycle - a kid with each parent.

But I love running and playing with my family. And I want to continue to be able to do that for my life. I want my kids to see a healthy lifestyle modeled for them (amongst the fro-yo outings). So how do I squeeze that in without forcing them against their will to sit in a stroller for at least 30 minute? And how do I strength train without giving up more time with them?

It's a working mother's struggle. It's my struggle.

So I am making a commitment. First answer to my prayers - the onsite gym at work is now hosting a 30 minute quick fix class at 12:10 two days a week. I can get sweaty and still have time to go back to my office. We'll try that.

Next, I am getting up early, before (and the sun) rise to get a run in. Turns out, its a lot easier to get in mileage when you aren't pushing the double stroller parachute. We'll try that too.

It's an uphill battle. But its important to me. Like church and quality family time. I will make it work - even if I am a working mom.

This morning I started out with a green smoothie - part of this challenge. Kind of a fail the first day, but tomorrow my mix will be better.

And then for lunch I ate 2 pieces of pizza. But I did sign up for a mud run and have a 5k on Saturday. So they cancel each other out, right?

Like I said, and uphill battle.

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