Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sneak Peak

Ding Dong, the 70's /80's wallpaper is dead! So is the brass-flowery vased sconce-fan. And we put on our first coat of primer tonight! Yeah for progress! Below is what the construction zone looks like right now. And believe it or not - this should be gone by Sunday. If we could get Allie to stop eating our supplies. We are down 2 tubes of caulk, a roll of duck tape, and a box of nails. She's acting out bc this has been our focus for the past 3 weekends.... she's not sure about all the commotion upstairs. Anywho - in the left corner is sample fabric, and a swatch of you-almost-can't-tell-its there-icey-blue. (No I don't think its a boy - its actually so light its neutral - called Sweet Slumber - precious, I know!) The new fan is up - but I didn't do a good job getting it in the pic now did I? And the cooler - sadly it is not for happy hour - but a standing stool so we can reach the ceiling. OSHA anyone?

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Anonymous said...

it's lookin' good.