Friday, April 9, 2010

Confessions of a chocky-holic...

So, I have this little... habit/addiction/guilty pleasure. I must confess that I love Chocky- or in lay terms - chocolate milk.

It started when I was little. And now I'm a grown-up and should be having sophisticated late-night drinks, but alas I always default to Chocky. And I have my specific formula for how it must be made (verging on the edge of OCD Chocolate Milk Making). Cold milk, No Sugar Added Nesquik - 4 1/2 spoons - no more no less. Just before bed time. (Oddly I don't crave it any other time).

Religiously during my pregnancy. So much so that sweet hubs packed powdered chocolate for me just so I could have some in the hospital. Can't stand the premix stuff you can buy in the refrigerated section - so he made some for me every night. TRUE LOVE, bless that Man.

Anywho - you can imagine how PUMPED I was to read this in a magazine today...

"A new study from Spain suggests that low-fat or skim chocolate milk may have similar heart-health benefits to red wine. Men and women who drank the stuff regularly were found to have higher levels of the good HDL cholesterol and less artery inflammation than those who didn't."


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