Monday, April 12, 2010

Fundraiser Quilt - or Why I Haven't Blogged

Over the last few weeks I made this quilt for a friend. The small private school her child attends holds an annual dinner and auction as a fundraiser. Each class donates something to the auction and this quilt is going in for the 2010 First Grade Class.

Too bad I didn't remember to take a picture of the back because the fabric is fabulous!

Each student used fabric markers to color a picture that completes the sentence "I am a Star because...". (This year's dinner/auction theme is Reach for the Stars). There are some really good ones - like "helping my little brother, "or building lego stuff, or simply because "I'm strong."

Too cute. It was fun seeing this one come together and the finished product. I hope it does well for the class. Hopefully a first grade parent will get it and whip it out at the 2021 Graduation and say "look guys, remember what you were like in 1st grade..."

(I used 8 1/2 in squares for the kids art. Ironed the blank squares on to freezer paper so the kids would have something substantial to hold on to while creating. I prewashed all the fabric and did not wash the squares once the fabric marker art was on them. The borders are 2in and the sashing is 4in. The four cornerstone blocks are embroidered with the school, theme, year, and graduating class.)

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Christy said...

Now, this is absolutely amazing.